Dynamics Gp Partner San Diego, Chicago Newsflash: Hardware and Software Compatibility

Microsoft Dynamics GP, especially when ERP software is targeted to be implemented in matured organization with its own IT networking, hardware and legacy software lifecycle – you should pay special attention to the environment, where Dynamics GP Great Plains will be installed: server and workstations.  Hardware and software compatibility question comes from the architecture of Great Plains Dynamics, its GP Dexterity IDE and programming language.  Dexterity is written and supported in C++ programming language (which was designed to resolve OS dependence).  Paradox of hardware incompatibility might be seen in the fact, that some of the newest laser printers may not be compatible with Dynamics GP text reports; but the good news is that you can still likely to deploy the same newest printer for GP graphical reports: Check, SOP Invoice, POP Receipt, SOP Packing Slip.  Let’s look at the software and hardware recommendations:

1.       Server and Workstation Hardware.  You can download from your Microsoft Customer Source or Partner Source the hardware recommendation and printer compatibility list for supported versions of Dynamics GP: 10.0 and 9.0.  If you are setting up Dynamics GP for very small hardware confident organization, then you should be aware that GP Server will work on decent self assembled PC computer, pay attention to put more RAM (if using 32 bit Windows Server, place at least 2GB, if 64 bit – 8GB is good idea for 2009).  SCSI hard drive controller is recommended, but it is not really required – you should be OK with SATA and PATA HD, if you are confident in your backup (and restoring) strategy.  GP Workstation: with the introduction of Vista (and Vista 64 bit) – GP WS minimal requirements became really obsolete, as Vista sort of demands at least 1GB of RAM (where 64 bit Vista typically comes with 4GB of RAM on the hardware)

2.       64 vs 32 bit Windows Server.  If you are planning to deploy current Dynamics GP version 10.0, then feel free to purchase Windows 2003 and 2008 Server 64 bit with Microsoft SQL Server 2005 64 bit edition

3.       Windows 2003 R2 and Windows XP SP3.  Here you may have this problem: you can not install GP from the GP 10.0 installation CD, due to Dexterity components installation failure.  The work around is SkipDotNetCheck.mst and DexSkipDotNetCheck.mst

Andrew Karasev

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