Rollback Rx – a Disaster Recovery Solution

Rollback Rx system restore software helps in disaster recovery. If you work with computers, you have to be prepared with a disaster recovery solution. What is disaster recovery? It is the ability to speedily recover from the loss of data. It restores system settings so that your system is ready to use as quickly as possible, retrieving data and making it accessible to you. Rollback Rx does this in minutes, whereas if one were to use manual recovery methods, there’s no guarantee that data will be intact, not to mention the hours or days that it might take to repair computers.
In spite of advances in rollback technology , data continues to be lost through user errors and unsuccessful software installs. Updates create a problem necessitating disaster recovery. Windows system restore only restores computer settings but does not recover data. In such a situation, the ideal system restore software is Rollback Rx, which practically helps a business to keep running.

Rollback Rx Retrieves Critical Data
In business organizations, if there has been data loss, their success in maintaining continuity of work depends more on their ability to retrieve their data as fast as possible, rather than getting the hardware up and running. The important information in most organizations resides in electronic form inside a computer making it critical to have access to it at all times. Rollback Rx makes sure that you can recover your data right up to the moment your pc crashed ensuring that you have your data back so that you are not stuck without vital information while making business decisions.
Rollback Rx system restore software keeps track of data and system files as they keep altering. Lets say you are working on a document and happen to delete a part of it, then save it after you change it. Suddenly you realize that you did not want to delete that information. Maybe it runs to several pages and will take hours to create again. With Rollback Rx software, you can revert right back to the earlier version of the file with absolutely no data loss. You can restore computer settings, registry settings, and rollback to any earlier moment in time. Suppose your system is affected by malware or unsolicited software downloads and installations, you can use Rollback Rx to fix computer problems by restoring your system back to an operational point.
RollBack Rx protects you from day zero attacks by taking system snapshots based on a set schedule for your system, restoring your crashed system without data loss in just the time it takes to reboot your system.

Jacob Henderson

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