The Quickest Recovery With Rollback Rx

Rollback Rx has an important role to play as a security system for your computer. Rollback Rx allows you to
rollback to the point where your system did not have any operating problems. When you have problems with your PC, you can do a pc restore to a snapshot. It is possible to protect you data by restoring a snapshot in Windows or below Windows when it crashed. Rollback Rx system restore software gives you the flexibility to rollback and roll forward between system snapshots. Restoring computers to a snapshot takes about ten seconds or less. Each snapshot you take is the complete system, programs, wallpaper and settings, data, registry, etc. You can take snapshots as per the schedule you set, from the options provided by Rollback Rx.

Activating Rollback Rx On Your Computer

RollBack Rx system restore software has software-based product activation technology. This means that when you install Rollback Rx, you have to activate it to use it, so that you can fix computer problems and restore computer settings whenever you need. This activation can be done either over the Internet or without one.

If Rollback Rx is installed in a computer that is connected to the Internet, then activation can be over the Internet with the authorized product ID that comes with the product, whether you’ve bought a copy of it or downloaded the demo version. The number of computers authorized by the product ID is the number of computers that can be activated. Once you restart your computer after activation, you will have your disaster recovery solution firmly in place!

Manual activation of Rollback Rx is possible without an Internet connection. All you need to do is send your Product ID and registration ID to Horizon DataSys Tech Support via email or Fax, who will send you a registration code. You can use this to activate your Rollback Rx and get started with using it to fix computer problems. Your user guide will help you in showing you how to take snapshots and schedule them, how to configure your Rollback Rx so you can repair computer problems quickly and so on.

System Restore With Rollback Rx Is Easy

System restore is very easy with Rollback Rx. You have different options to do this. It can be done through the application console in Windows, or the subsystem console, which loads before Windows boots your system. This means you can repair computer problems even if Windows does not load, since Rollback Rx operates below the Windows platform. You can also automatically set your Rollback Rx to restore on every reboot, log off or shut down at various time intervals.

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