Safety First, Safety Always – With Rollback Rx

The world today has seen many advances in technology; but it has not been able to prevent data loss. Complete recovery is still a major effort in terms of time and cost. Rollback Rx brings you the ideal solution to data loss problems. It is a great disaster recovery solution that protects your pc from the dire consequences of data loss. Every organization needs the ability to quickly recover data in the event of a pc problem. Manual data recovery methods do not guarantee the complete recovery of data, if at all. Not only that, it takes a lot of time to do it.

User errors and software installation problems are not uncommon and form a part of the daily routine of someone working with computers. When programs are updated, there is the possibility of the operating system hanging, which carries with it the risk of losing data. Although Windows system restore utility can restore computer settings, it cannot recover data. Which makes it all the more necessary to safeguard your pc with Rollback Rx, the complete solution to your pc management strategy.

Maintains Continuity Of Work

Smooth operation of systems in an organization is very essential. Even if there is a problem it must be solved as quickly as possible. Rollback Rx makes this possible. Since most of the data generated by an organization resides in electronic form, there must be a secure system in place to reach it as and when required. Rollback Rx does precisely this. It uses a system of system configuration snapshots which shows you the status of the computer when the problem occurred, letting you roll back to the precise point in time so that you can continue with work as scheduled. Rollback Rx allows you to roll back to different versions of the file created by you. If you had made changes to a file, but find that you want the original file again, you can get it back and then roll back to the past or future, depending on which is convenient to you. The process does not cause any loss in data. Rollback Rx system restore utility users have been pleasantly surprised at the ease with which this utility can be used in the minimum possible time. Even virus attacks and day zero attacks are negligible problems if you have Rollback Rx in your system. In the time it takes to reboot your system, you yourself can set your system right in no time at all instead of waiting for help to arrive.

Jacob Henderson

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