Computer Disaster Help?

ok so my hp windows xp (computer) got a virus, so i thought i knew what i was doing and pressed F10 for recovery. i did the recovery but i had no idea it would erase all of our files and uninstall microsoft word. im in deep trouble and i need all the help i can get. please tell me how to get our files back and put my computer back to how it was before it went into recovery mode.

It is quite likely that you actually deleted all of your files.

You can find more information here:

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The Shadow Knows says:

Yeah, you’re screwed.

HP recommended me to do that once when I had a problem. They assured me it wouldn’t erase ANY of my files. I lost over 3000 digital pics of my babies.

Rat bastards. I cussed and screamed. I love HP’s products but I’ll never buy another thing from them.
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Dick A says:

Try booting into safe mode and do a system restore back to an earlier date .
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