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How to erase this virus?

Hi, Yesterday a friend of mine came to my place to drop him some music files into his usb. But into his usb, there were some other files, that he wasn’t able to recognise himself! My pc started lagging, and … Continue reading

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Help!!! Please – I’m not really a computer expert quiz!!?

1. What is the default music and video player in Windows? (1 point) Real Player Quicktime Player Windows Media Player Itunes Player 2. The disk defragmenter is found in what section of the Accessories feature? (1 point) System Tools Accessibility … Continue reading

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Cisco Answers Please help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?

Which wireless security technology is a good choice when using Cisco equipment in conjunction with operating systems such as Windows and Linux? LEAP WEP WPA WTLS 6 Which two characteristics describe a worm? (Choose two.) Executes when software is run … Continue reading

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