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nightly web server backups, backup website files? or backup complete server system?

I’m setting up a backup system on my linux web server. The backup will be done nightly to an external hard drive. Typically, what is the best way to handle backups? In mind I see two possibilities. Back up the … Continue reading

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How can I change the OEM License Key on Server 2003 to a Volume License?

In preparation for a new Disaster Recovery plan, I need to change the OEM (factory installed Server 2003 OS from Dell) License Key to a recently purchased Volume License Key. This needs to be done so that Windows will register … Continue reading

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My PC crashed,got no back up CD. Y I can’t to restore it to an early point with Compaq System recovery tool?

Hi, I got a Compaq Presario PC with AMD 64 Athlon running with windows XP. I got no back up CDs… (Yeah, I know I’ve been Naughty), the problem is that I ran a Windows Automatic Update and it requested … Continue reading

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