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Can Norton Ghost restore computer in case of disaster?

I have Norton Ghost. One time I had to re-format my computer and re-install Windows XP. When I ran Norton recovery, the computer did not return to it’s original format. i.e. files were missing. If I do a copy entire … Continue reading

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what step should we follow to backup the oracle 9i database to get full recovery?

we have oracle 9i database but after crash down of server we are unable to get full recovery of database. will you pls advice us what is the best practice we follow to backing up our oracle 9i database so … Continue reading

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Top Vendors Plan to Reinvent the Data Center

To say that the data center is undergoing a revolutionary change is more than just an understatement. The wholesale dismemberment of the siloed approach to data management in favor of a cloud-based resource pool represents nothing less than the reinvention … Continue reading

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