Backup Optimization Best Practices 1/4

This webinar will discuss best practices for backup optimization.

Topics covered:
* Common problems with backup environments
* Benefits of a virtual tape library (VTL)
* Latest Falconstor VTL 5.x Features
* Addressing RTO and RPO requirements
* Remote office and DR solutions

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Duration : 0:8:32

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Understanding Backup and Disaster Recovery for VMware Environments: IT as a Weapon 1/7

FalconStor solutions break down the barriers to successful VMware backup and recovery by changing the way organizations approach virtual machine protection. Watch this latest installment of our “IT as a Weapon” series, as FalconStor Product Marketing Manager, Peter Eicher, discusses “Understanding Backup and DR for VMware Environments.”

At this webinar you’ll learn how to make VMware protection better, faster, more efficient and scalable. The webinar will discuss:

•Drawbacks of traditional backup in a VMware environment
•Limitations of VMware Consolidated Backup (VCB)
•How to integrate FalconStor solutions into a VMware environment to remove the drawbacks of VCB
•How FalconStor solutions can completely eliminate the need for a backup window
•Integrating your existing storage into a disaster recovery plan that includes VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM)

This video will discuss:
•The Current VMware Backup Landscape
•Why is VMware Backup a Challenge

For further details, please consult the FalconStor website at

Duration : 0:5:1

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Protecting Your Computer with Back Up and Disaster Recovery

This video emphasizes the benefits of backing up your business data with Windows Server 2008 using Shadow Copies, Windows Server Backup, and Windows Recovery Environment. Help protect your business from data loss by backing up data and system states. The Windows Server 2008 data recovery solution will help your business from losing valuable time and money associated with data loss.

Duration : 0:2:21

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