Computer Disaster Help?

ok so my hp windows xp (computer) got a virus, so i thought i knew what i was doing and pressed F10 for recovery. i did the recovery but i had no idea it would erase all of our files and uninstall microsoft word. im in deep trouble and i need all the help i can get. please tell me how to get our files back and put my computer back to how it was before it went into recovery mode.

It is quite likely that you actually deleted all of your files.

You can find more information here:

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nightly web server backups, backup website files? or backup complete server system?

I’m setting up a backup system on my linux web server. The backup will be done nightly to an external hard drive. Typically, what is the best way to handle backups? In mind I see two possibilities. Back up the complete server system including operating system files and configs (everything in the / directory), or just backup the website files in the user directories individually (example: backup /home/www). Is one way or the other bad practice?

Thanks for your help.

Just backup documents only. Space is a commodity and you might find you fill it up which can get costly.

Rebuild the operating system and then restore the users’ files if you have any issues.

One of the benefits of using a VE such as OpenVZ or Xen is that you can backup and restore an entire server with 1 click, and can be done automatically when a fault is detected. Just something to consider!

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How can I change the OEM License Key on Server 2003 to a Volume License?

In preparation for a new Disaster Recovery plan, I need to change the OEM (factory installed Server 2003 OS from Dell) License Key to a recently purchased Volume License Key. This needs to be done so that Windows will register and work on different hardware then originally installed on in case of a recovery on new hardware as a result of a disaster.

The server this needs to be done on is a very large and complex Database server. I have been told by my Disaster Recovery source the only way is to either reinstall Windows using the new key, or to run a windows repair and enter in the new key during the repair process. A windows repair is risky since this is such a large and complex server.

I have read the following MS Knowledge Base Article but it refers to changing a Volume License Key, not specifically changing an OEM License Key.

Can anyone say for certain if this will still work? if not can anyone offer any suggestions?

Thanks you!

I have used Server 2003 many times andI believe the safest way would be to maybe use ntbackup.exe to create a complete backup of system state and files then reinstall the server OS wth the new key. Good Luck!

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